Easy management

Fragmentation and granularity is always a challenge when you run online campaigns. The fact that you manage each part through a separate system means that you can only analyse performance after all the reports are downloaded and standardised. This causes many companies to resign themselves to numerous flaws in their digital media mix just because they have no time to go through this cumbersome process.

Using ROI Avenue you will discover that things can be different. You get to manage the whole program from one central place; you view the results and detailed data in one interface, without giving up the ability to modify campaign parameters in tiny details or for just small fragments. You don’t have to manage costs/rates for each medium or channel anymore.

You can set up special conditions for selected publishers, markets, products, user groups, etc. We support automatic changes to these parameters depending on performance or other special conditions.
You can plug publishers in or out, add or conceal creatives, change target websites, add new parameters to URLs – all this according to your strategy and needs.

See how much you can gain when you have regained all this time to do other, more important things…