Robust technology

ROI Avenue is based on Target Circle – one of the world’s latest, cutting edge and most rapidly developing technological solutions fro tracking and managing online campaigns.

  • Created: 01/2014
  • #Advertisers (Feb. ’16): 307
  • #Publishers (Feb. ’16): 818
  • Total #Leads (∑2015): 1.26M
  • Traffic countries: > 100

All the campaign events (impressions, clicks, conversions of all types) are automatically aggregated, captured and presented to the right users.

We guarantee consistent data between Publishers and Advertisers, no duplication and no need to manually settle your campaigns.

We also offer automatic anti-fraud protection. We give you a full, transparent view of traffic in your campaign – you see the events, their sources, times, IDs, etc.

An integral part of our solution is equal treatment of desktop and mobile traffic as well as their equally precise tracking and reconciling, also when it comes to apps and in-app purchases.

The entire world of data is presented in an intuitive user interface.

If you have ever used this class of systems, you will be surprised how modern and hassle-free ROI Avenue is.

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