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ROI Avenue is not yet another affiliate network or trading platform. Publishers and Advertisers can independently manage their campaigns via their client accounts. Publishers can search for ads that they find relevant, while Advertisers can search for Publishers to partner with for a given campaign. All participants of this exchange have access to all the right data so that they can analyse results and evaluate performance anytime.

Advertisers pay exclusively for results they obtain, while Publishers get their fees practically right away, as soon as payment for their performance is booked. The system tracks and monitors all of these actions. We settle on a monthly basis. The Advertiser only receives one invoice. ROI Avenue collects a small commission that goes towards management, maintenance and development of our system. We don’t use any minimum thresholds and, more importantly, our margin is the lowest on the market, which allows for Publishers to get up to 30% more revenue.

There is no starter fee or subscription charge. You can get on board at any time and leave whenever you want. You only pay for results you obtain.

At any given moment you can exclude selected sources of traffic in your campaign; sources can also be blocked from within the system. The platform will detect the appearance of a blocked Publisher elsewhere.

Freedom: Anyone can join and leave at any time.
Simplicity: Advertisers only pay for previously agreed upon results, while Publishers get paid exclusively for actions they deliver.
Integrity: Participants of the exchange are expected to respect the principle of transparency.

Transparent and focused on performance. We charge low fees to encourage both Publishers and Advertisers to work with us, bringing over their campaigns that have been more expensively and less efficiently managed elsewhere.

No, the Platform is international and can support your activities all over the world. Currently, most of our Advertisers and Publishers are EU-based.

The System tracks the traffic by using fingerprint tracking, as well as first-party and third-party tracking technologies. It also fully tracks mobile and in-app traffic, which allows us to detect more conversions. Campaign performance can be reported to the Publisher/Advertiser system with a pixel or a s2s postback.

Creatives can be downloaded? automatically using adtags or conventionally downloaded to your server.

Every kind of ad content: banners – dynamic and static, HTML mailing, video, etc.

We sure will. The IT component is actually very simple – if you are an Advertiser it usually means that we insert a line of tracking code in the right place on your website or establish  s2s communication. If you are a Publisher, things are even more straightforward. The System assigns unique ID to each participant, campaign or even a single click. The Platform is intuitive and operates in real time from via a web browser.

First of all, we are a full-scope trading platform, and secondly, our System allows us to charge less than anyone else. Thirdly, the time you need to devote to working with us is cut down to absolute minimum. We track all traffic. And finally: the traffic stats are clear and transparent for all participants.

Access through API is available if you are a Publisher, to enable faster and automatic transfer of current campaign parameters. If you are an Advertiser we offer access through your user account  and s2s communication.

Yes, you are completely free to set up, report and track even the most complex campaigns and payment systems.

Practically all kinds – display, email, SEM, re-marketing, online + call centre, B2B, and B2C. All performance-based!

You can access Terms and Conditions here.