How to start

ROI Avenue platform offers many benefits, especially when it's implemented as the main traffic tracking and reconciliation platform. But it's also easy to test it in a limited scope.

We don’t require any subscription or starter fees: You only pay for delivered performance.

You get to take advantage of our full repertoire or you can try out portion of what we offer.

Just the plug-ins

We can start by installing our plug-ins. You don’t change anything in the way your campaign runs and yet you boost its performance, and pay for the results only.

An additional source

You can work with us on your campaigns ALONG with other existing traffic sources. The big rewards are yet to come…

The main platform

Our system will bring you best results when it becomes your main platform for tracking, managing, optimising and billing campaigns. It is the best ultimate choice.


Benefits of having ROI Avenue as the main platform for your online campaigns:


Launching your campaign:

  • Agreeing on a marketing plan
  • Verification of quantitative goals
  • Setting scope, rates and media
  • Developing a schedule
  • Formalities and integration
    • Activating your client account
    • Implementing our pixel
    • Agreeing on validation process
    • Signing the IO / Insertion Order
  • Launching the campaign and activating Publishers
  • Ongoing campaign optimisation



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