Important documents

Clear and simple rules

Our commitments

  • We provide you with access to the System that precisely tracks traffic and performance, and keeps track of all campaign costs and works with all platforms.
  • We help you set up your system account in a way that best suits your needs.
  • We settle with just one invoice.
  • We give you access to Publishers that will run your campaigns (or, if you are a Publisher, to advertising programs that will bring you more revenue).
  • We continue to develop and enhance the System.
  • We only get paid for actual results.

Your commitments

  • You use the platform in good faith and according to its purpose.
  • You pay according to our agreed conditions and on time.
  • You advertise your products and services legally and with due regard for commonly accepted principles of decency.

You will find all definitions of terms and conditions of our cooperation under Terms and Conditions. When we start working together, you automatically agree to be legally bound by them.


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