More about the System

The simple, intuitive and user friendly nature of the System is hard to illustrate on a website. So the best thing to do is get together with us, start a test and see everything for yourself as you click through the System.

But to give you a glimpse before we meet, we selected a few key screens.

Immediate and easy review of the KPIs


Your Dashboard gives you an immediate oversight of how your campaign is doing. Choose a time period, and the trends are clearly visible.

After you scroll down you automatically get a review of all the KPIs of your top offers, ads, advertisers and media, with clear identification of potential problematic areas.

View of all the running campaigns

Performance report

The Performance report allows you instantaneous access to statistics behind all your campaigns from any angle you need at the moment.

Additionally, you can personalise it by adding or removing columns and filtering the data.

Therefore, you will rarely see the need to go through detailed reports – here all the relevant data is laid out before you.

Drill down to details


This section provides you with very detailed data in a transparent format.

The data is broken down into groups, which facilitates viewing, but nothing stops you from delving into even the tiniest details.

All the reports can be saved as .csv files for further analysis.

You can view all the details of your campaigns, drilling down to individual IDs for each generated click.

Every event in the System is given its unique ID, making duplication impossible.

Easily create and manage your campaigns

offer creator

It is unbelievably easy to create new campaigns, and the System supports you every step of the way, helping you define all the relevant elements. You define such things as:

  • General description and requirements of your campaign.
  • Landing page, tracking, targeted countries and allowed traffic types.
  • Creatives to be used and possible special requirements for each of them or for selected groups.
  • Payout structure and level for the entire campaign, individual Publishers or groups.